Research in Progress Meetings (RiPMs)

2024 Schedule

In the Veterinary Academic Building, conference room V3-114, at 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

  • 3/7/24: Na Sun (trainee from the Zhou Lab)
  • 4/4/24: Yiran Shen (trainee from the Nguyen Lab)
  • 6/6/24: Curtiss Lab
  • 8/1/24: TBD
  • 9/5/24: Moore Lab
  • 10/3/24: TBD
  • 11/7/24: TBD
  • 12/5/24: TBD


RiPMs are an opportunity for PIs and trainees to present their current research, propose new directions, and present problems that the diverse group of members can provide feedback on. This also gives trainees an opportunity to gain experience in presenting research to an audience of peers and advisors.

RiPMs will be an open environment for discussion and collaboration, and members can feel confident in sharing research with each other in a private setting while still gaining several new perspectives. CIMI provides a community of experienced researchers that are excited to hear fellow researchers’ works.


RiPMs will be formatted as a presentation, 30 minutes to 45 minutes, with open dialogue between presenter and audience throughout.

Pizza, always!